Monday, 13 August 2012

Favorites in August

1. The first piece I’ve got for you is this travel bag which is by FREITAG. The funny thing about this brand is that they use old truck tarps for their bags. So every bag is unique. They’ve got handbags, Shoppers and other stuff as well. Look over the Online-Shop.

2. The second thing is this necklet with this cute elephant by Accessorize.

3. Dress is by H&M. It’s also available in a rose tone. But I liked this one better.

4. Shoes by ZARA.

5. Swimwear by Roxy.

6. T-Shirt by Pieces.

7. Nail polish by Accessorize (Colour is Pink / Raspberry)

Whats your favorite stuff this month?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Shoulder Bag by Accessorize

Hey everyone
I think for women there is no accessorize as import as the handbag. It’s the thing which I’m always carrying with me and so it has to be useful but also nice looking. Last week I was looking for a new one. So I had a look at several exemplars. But I don’t know..  I think I’ve got high standards in my handbag. J Once it was too big or too small or I didn’t really like the colour. And of course the price-quality ratio has to be correct. As a student I can’t afford the very expensive ones.  The longer the speech, the less thought: I finally went to Accessorize and I found a very cute one.

Faire Trade Fashion

Hey everyone

There is an international campaign called CCC (what means Clean Clothes Campaign), which is fighting for better conditions of employment in the clothing industry. In developing countries there are many people who work for a breadline wage (sometimes 16 hours a day and seven days a week). There are also many factories which got children (under 15) as labours.
Some fashion boutiques want to sell clothes as cheap as possible and to react quickly with new vogues. And of course it’s a rat race between the different labels. At this stage some famous names made a change and realise their social responsibility. The reasons are ethical grounds or the pressure of the publicity.

There is a video I found from H&M. Have a look at it.

There the website of a campaign in UK:
As you can see there is a category “See company scores” where you can look your favourite labels up. For example there are some forerunners like Marks & Spencer, Monsoon Accessorize, Inditex (including ZARA, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear and Bershka) and some who just started yet to care about their social responsibility or who didn’t give some information.

And here is the homepage of CCC:
If you want some information about your country there are further links to interesting homepages about this topic on this page.

Do you think the labels the labels notice their social responsibility? Do you care about faire trade? Please let me know.